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Stage 2 of the SO-HO Residence is a new building, designed by the renowned QARTA Architektura studio. The flats in this stage will be, unlike Stage 1, more of a family character, but you will also find smaller 2-bedroom or 1-bedroom apartments here. Stage 2 will offer a total of 186 apartments of a high-quality standard. Some of the apartments facing the streets will be offered with balconies with sliding screens, which form a distinctive design element of Stage 2. The upper floors are recessed and beautiful terrace space with extensive greenery and wooden decks is created here. In Dělnická Street, where the distance from the busy road is a respectable 20 meters, you will find a city alley with mature trees, plantings including ornamental grasses and colourful perennials designed by the well-known landscape painter Štěpánka Šmídová.


The top floors of Stage 2 SO-HO Residence have recessed floors with an amazing space for terraces planted with extensive greenery.


Large windows with insulating triple glazing.


Spacious balconies allow the apartment to be extended with an exterior element while sliding screens will take care of privacy and shading.


Window blinds also ensure a pleasant climate on sunny days and increased privacy.


Stage 2 SO-HO The residence is 20 meters from Dělnická Street.


Between the street and the house will be a public park with city greenery and a promenade.


The ground floor of the SO-HO residence will offer shops and local services, such as grocery store, cafe restaurant, kindergarten and more.


Spacious balconies allow the apartment to be extended with an exterior element while sliding screens will take care of privacy and shading.


SO-HO park will be planted with flowers, according to the design of landscape architect Štěpánka Šmídová. The space will include public benches  and space for the outdoor setting of the café.

SO-HO Stage 2 standard of the flats and building

Horizontal load-bearing structures

Monolithic ceiling construction. Bathrooms, toilets, some corridors and chambers with suspended ceilings - range according to project documentation.
Monolithic balcony board


partition walls reinforced concrete/brick with plaster/trowel
internal partitions in apartments | brick partition
Installation partitions | block partitions or plaster partitions (SDK)
internal partitions in underground | brick partitions
glazed partitions in common areas and some flats according to project doc. requirements


type | KZS on a reinforced concrete perimeter wall - a combination of cladding brick tape, cladding panels made of perforated sheet metal, cladding boards or linings and facade plaster, on the 8th and 9th floors also opaque parts of windows called Shadowbox - various colours, all according to project documentation requirements

Internal surfaces

inner walls:

apartments plaster/trowel / large-format ceramic tiles in combination with small-format tiles
common areas plaster / trowel / gypsum plaster


apartments plaster/trowel or SDK soffit in the range according to project documentation
common areas plaster/trowel or SDK soffit in the range according to project documentation


living space white painting


living quarters, including kitchenettes multi-layer wooden slatted floor, decor - a choice of several options, including skirting boards, transition strips
hallway in the apartment multilayer wooden slatted floor, decor - choice of several options, including MDF skirting board, system transition strips
bathrooms, toilets, technical rooms design ceramic tiles, range and joint cutting according to the project
balcony to the street large-format ceramic tiles on the targets, to the courtyard terrace boards on the substructure
terrace boards on the substructure
entrance, common areas, corridors, stairs design ceramic tiles
basement, cellars concrete floor with a trowel

Ceramic tiles

bathroom combination of large-format and small-format ceramic tiles, scope and joint cutting according to the project,
WC | combination of large-format and small-format ceramic tiles, scope and joint cutting according to the project

Windows / doors / balconies

windows and balcony doors aluminium window system, lacquered surface - RAL colour according to the project, triple glazing, opening balcony doors
outdoor railing steel/glass
outdoor blinds electrically operated blinds, appearance and location according to project documentation
entrance apartment door size 210x 90 cm, smooth solid, security class 3, surface treatment according to the choice of the project architect, steel door frame, security fittings, panoramic peephole, wooden threshold, apartment designation
interior doors size 210 x 80 cm, smooth full / partially glazed, colour coating, surface treatment according to the choice of the project architect, cladding door frame, rebateless - eg Sapelli

Window sills

external aluminium sheet
indoor MDF varnished board

Furnishing items

WC | WC hanging ceramic white, antibacterial seat, flush button, washbasin (if not connected to the bathroom), ceramic, white,
bathroom washbasin, ceramic white, concealed / free-standing faucet, lever,
bathtub - size according to the project documentation, enamelled or plastic white, inspection door - magnetic with tiling, concealed wall faucet,
shower enclosure - built-in with shower tray, glass screen, concealed wall faucet with shower set,
preparation for connecting the washing machine,
click-clack installation door under the cladding


heat source heat exchanger station,
heating system underfloor heating controlled by a room thermostat,
heating ladder with thermostatic head in the bathroom, colour of the developer's choice


7th-floor apartments - 9th-floor split units, outdoor unit on the roof


end elements sockets, switches, sockets - in the standard of the manufacturer Legrand / ABB / Schneider or according to the developer's choice,
Intercom system with the voice function, preparation for video
common TV antenna - 1 socket in the living room,
data socket - 1 in each living room
high + low current switchboard residential switchboards located according to project documentation


bathroom, toilet vacuum system of forced ventilation,
circulating hood - not included

Elements of fire protection

flat | local ceiling autonomous thermal battery detector with its own signalling located according to project documentation



The heating system of the CH building will be hot water
Central heat source and DHW preparation
exchanger station and hot water tanks in the technical room in the basement of the building
Consumption measurement
Separate heat measurement, NE and DHW water meters in each apartment in the shaft
Ventilation system
local vacuum ventilation system


within the apartments on the 7th floor - 9th floor, split units are installed, outdoor cooling units are located on the roof of the building
Heavy current installations
the common consumption switchboards of the building and elevators are located on the 1st floor. Electricity meter switchboards of flats are located in common corridors on individual floors or according to project documentation
Weak current installations
sockets STA + DATA
range DATA in each living room, STA in the living room

Bell board

bell panel at the entrances to the building

Cellar cubicles

type | system sheet metal - opaque to a height of 2.2 m, above 2.2 meters to the ceiling fitted system welded mesh, FAB lock


The standard does not include:

delivery of kitchen, appliances, hoods
tiling behind the kitchen
delivery of built-in cabinets, shelves, etc.
supply and connection of lighting fixtures in apartments
the establishment of a telephone exchange and the delivery of a telephone set, including the conclusion of a contract with the connection provider
burglar alarm supply in flats
data modem delivery
and other supplies, equipment and products not specified in the standard and contractual documents

The developer reserves the right to replace one or more of the above items with another item or other items with similar or comparable parameters.

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