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Special offer

CRESCO 2.49%

mortgage rate for our new clients

The promotion is valid for new clients who purchase a unit in the STAGE 1 of the project, starting on October 1, 2022.

The promotion is open to individuals and companies with a limit of 2 units per person.

The promotion applies to mortgage loans only.

The promotion is valid only when using our CRESCO Mortgage service when arranging a Mortgage through Hypoasistent Ltd. and upon presentation of the Mortgage Agreement and confirmation of the date and amount of drawdown and mortgage payment.

The action consists in providing compensation for part of the client's interest costs in the form of a reduction in the purchase price.

The amount of compensation will be calculated as the difference between the instalments the client will pay for his mortgage loan depending on the interest rate granted (up to a maximum of 6% per annum), and the repayments the client would have paid at an interest rate of 2.49%.

This compensation is applicable for a maximum of 24 months from the first drawdown of the mortgage loan. The maximum amount of compensation is CZK 290 000 per unit.

The right to compensation is only effective once the contractual documentation between the seller and the client has been executed.

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when paid from own funds exceeding 15% of first payment

Funds paid in excess of 15% within the first payment after signing the SOSB (i.e. within 10 days of signing the SOSB) will be assessed at 5%. This appreciation will result in a reduction of the purchase price by this amount. Thus, resulting in a nice saving for clients paying most of the purchase price from their own resources. The appreciation will be calculated as fixed for 1 year.

The special offer may be cancelled at any time and its terms and conditions may be subject to change.

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a unique opportunity for investors

In cooperation with our exclusive partner, we ensure a smooth and permanent lease and thus income from your unit, including complete business management. You can choose from 2 levels of packages, with the "Assured" package guaranteeing uninterrupted rent throughout the contract period and the condition of the apartment at handover. This is a unique opportunity for investors to have a guaranteed income for the entire lease term.

Maximizing the earnings (rent) thanks to a robust database and knowledge of the partner, who is amongst the most experienced on the Czech market.

Professional online management through a unique system.

For further information please contact our sales department.

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