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Choosing an apartment

The client chooses from available apartments.


The client concludes a reservation contract with the developer and pays the reservation fee:

100,000 CZK incl. VAT

Future purchase agreement

After signing the Reservation Agreement and paying the reservation fee, the developer will send the Client a Future Purchase Agreement. After signing the future purchase agreement, the client pays the first instalment of the purchase price of 15% of the total property price, including VAT.

Furthermore, in the future purchase contract, the client undertakes to pay the remaining part of the purchase price (85%) reduced by the reservation fee already paid after the property's completion and the building permit's issuance.

Purchase contract

The purchase contract is signed after approval and payment of the full purchase price. Subsequently, it is entered in the real estate cadastre and the unit is ready for handover.


If you consider using a mortgage loan to pay part or all of the purchase price, we have prepared an offer of financing for you within the CRESCO HYPOTEKA service under the most advantageous conditions. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your options with you and introduce you to the offer of advantageous mortgage loan terms, which we have secured for our clients from leading Czech banks. You don't have to go around the banks or look for documents - our mortgage specialist will guide you through the entire process of financing your dream property.

In case that you will decide not to use the CRESCO HYPOTEKA services, you assume the obligation to ensure all of the following processes associated with the use of the Mortgage, in particular:


  • Securing and handing over documents for processing a mortgage loan to a mortgage bank
  • Ensuring the negotiation of the conditions for drawing a mortgage loan in accordance with the concluded contractual documentation
  • Submission of a validly concluded loan agreement within the set deadline
  • Ensuring the inspection of the property by the appraiser (obligation to participate in the inspection together with the appraiser) with regard to the individual stages of construction within the set deadlines
  • Ensuring the preparation of the Mortgage Agreement in accordance with the model agreed with the bank headquarters and its submission for approval to the seller in electronic form
  • Communication with the mortgage bank during the finalization of the Mortgage Agreement if the submitted wording does not comply with the agreed model of the banks' headquarters
  • Delivery of the approved Pledge Agreement to your seller for signature
  • Submission of a pledge agreement to the cadastral office within the set deadline
  • Submission of a Proposal for the deposit of a lien with the stamp of the filing office to your sales representative.
  • Securing and submitting an insurance contract for real estate, including binding to your bank
  • Checking and ensuring the timely process of drawing a mortgage loan within the set deadline
  • Payment of an administrative fee of CZK 25,000 incl. VAT

For clients who arrange a mortgage loan through CRESCO HYPOTEKY, the assigned personal mortgage specialist will fulfil all the obligations mentioned above.

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